Friday, October 3, 2008

Updating the house situation

We had the furnace looked at today. No repair was needed. Somehow the repair manual got sucked into the fan! :doh: :giggle: Still had to pay the service fee, so the guy went ahead and looked over the whole thing. Bad news: he says we've got about a year left out of that thing. There's a crack between the heating element (put simply: the fire) and the blower, which is the beginning of the end. So, now DH and I are trying to decide if we want to just bite the bullet and do it this year (to take advantage of rebates from our gas/electric company as well as tax rebates) or next year. We definitely want to go high-efficiency. It's not that much more $$$ than the regular ones, and it'll save on heating bills. :good: So, that's the news regarding the house. On a good note, the heat is functional again! :woohoo: Oh, and praise God that this happened this year so we weren't surprised by a broken furnace, or had problems with carbon monoxide!
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