Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I don't know about you, but I can hardly believe 2009 is over and we're beginning 2010! That year FLEW by - at least for me! I'm trying to remember what - if any - goals I had at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, the end of 2009 was a WHIRLWIND. We had a death in the family and my 2-year-old was VERY sick – both occurring within the past 2-3 weeks. So, my mind is foggy as to how things were a year ago! LOL Luckily, a year ago today I was making a similar post! Unfortunately, after rereading that, I can see I fell far short of my goals. Of the few I listed, only one was really even partially accomplished: losing weight. I guess I was right when I said I might be setting the bar too high for myself!

Enter this year's goals. There are some repeats, and some new ones. Life has changed over the past year. I have changed over the past year. Thus, goals must change, too. So, below are what I hope to accomplish this year - in no particular order other than that in which I think of them!
  • Continue losing weight. I've lost roughly 12 lbs. so far. By some miracle, I've managed to keep it off through the holidays! Now it's time to get serious about it again. Watching what I eat and getting back into an exercise routine will be the way to get it done!
  • Work more. Yes, that's right - work more. I recently started some freelance editing work, and it's actually been good for me. It feels good to be bringing in money again, and I was able to get a new computer. While it's freelance, the company would like its editors to edit 75-100 (or more) articles every week. I've only had a couple of weeks in the 70s. I'd like to maintain the rate they would like me to be at – well, after getting there! LOL
  • Get off the Zoloft. I know. This was a goal last year, but I didn't do it. I can't remember why, but there were some things that made me want to keep it. Next time I see my doctor, though, I'm going to discuss it with her.
  • Read more. Last year I met a reading challenge goal to read at least 50 books in the year. I actually read 51. I think I'll aim for 55 books. With work added to the mix, this might be a bit tougher this year, but I think I can do it. Just might have to spend less time online!
  • Blog more. I really enjoy this. I just sometimes have to force myself to sit down and write. I'll have a post idea in my head for hours before acting on it – or I wait too long and completely lose my thoughts. I'm going to try to post at least twice per week. And, yes, book reviews do count toward that goal! ;-)
There are more things I'd like to see happen, but these are most important to me for now. I think that this year, in order to avoid completely losing sight of this list, I'll revisit this quarterly – complete with a progress report. That is, of course, assuming I remember!

To those of you who have frequented my blog and subjected yourselves to my Ramblings, I send my gratitude! I am humbled that anyone reads – and even FOLLOWS – this. THANK YOU! While I'd still write if even no one read this, you make this that much better! Every comment you leave is cherished – it's nice to know someone "hears" me.

Finally, to everyone, HAPPY 2010! I wish blessings and happiness to all for this wonderful new year!



Michelle said...

great job on the weight loss and maintaining it through the holidays!!!

Be careful coming off the zoloft. I've done it and it's not fun. You definitely have to wean yourself or you'll be dizzy ;)

And I'm thrilled you'll be blogging more!

ham1299 said...

Thank you, Michelle! I have no idea how I've managed to keep it off, but I'll take it! LOL

I have heard that coming off Zoloft can be hard. I know I managed fine without it before. The PPD is most definitely over and done with. I'm ready to be done with the meds! But, I won't rush it. I can totally see the dizziness - I get that the occasional days I forget a dose!

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