Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week in Review and Looking Ahead

I have been unusually active over the past week or so, and decided to go back and share my thoughts on the week - and what I have coming this/next week. (Why am I doing this on a SUNDAY? Because I didn't think of this yesterday - and I'll explain why in a bit.)

So, the week in review follows.
  • Sunday: Nothing special comes to mind, but it was a LONG week, so maybe that's why! 
  • Monday: I started by participating in the Thaw Blogsplash. It was fun to be part of that! On a more personal note, I finished Monday by spending several hours at the Emergency Room with my 4-year-old son. He split his forehead open on the coffee table (we think, as we were in the kitchen and didn't see it happen). Fortunately, it was a small, clean cut and they were able to glue it - as opposed to him getting stitches.
  • Tuesday: I took part in a FUN Friend Makin' Monday. With the drama from the night before, I figured it was understandable for me to need to post a day late. Plus, better late than never, right? More personal, I had an appointment with my PCP to discuss the Prilosec I take for GERD. It went well, and - BEST PART - she was very impressed by my weight loss! WOOHOO! She even congratulated me. :-)
  • Wednesday: Umm .... I didn't post anything. And, honestly, can't say I remember much about the day. But, a laid-back, not-so-crazy day was needed, that is FOR SURE!
  • Thursday: I posted as part of a Blog Tour. Included in that is a GIVEAWAY of TWO free books. Entrants can specify which they want - or even enter for both. Click HERE to check it out! 
  • Friday: A double-post day. I started with Friday Follow and finished with a very fun Five Question Friday. Personally, not much to report. It was my youngest sister's birthday, but she lives too far away to do anything with her. I sent her a text and posted to her on Facebook.
  • Saturday: No posts. Sorry to disappoint! ;-) But, personally it was VERY busy. Abby and I spent four hours at her Girl Scout troop's cookie booth. The girls sold 118 boxes, and they all behaved rather well. Abby and I went with her BFF (and her BFF's mom) to Carlos O'Kelly for a late lunch. At the end, I was SICK! I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I'm glad I won't see most of those people ever again! LOL I came home and slept. I was WIPED OUT! I'm guessing now you can see why I didn't post this yesterday! ;-)


And now for the week ahead. (Again, this is something I'm hoping to do on Saturdays, so today will be mentioned even though it's almost over.)
  • Sunday: Nothing planned. 
  • Monday: BUSY day! We start the day with me having a physical therapy appointment. I have an issue with one of my knees - something discussed at the aforementioned appointment on Tuesday - so we're trying PT to see if it helps things improve. After that poor Abby is having a tooth pulled! It's a baby tooth. Her dentist says it's blocking the permanent tooth from coming up, so it's coming out. I told her the Tooth Fairy gives EXTRA for teeth that the dentist pulls out, but she's still nervous! Prayers for her would be appreciated! The plan is to keep her home from school, as I don't think she'll be up to it. She's supposed to have a Girl Scouts meeting tomorrow, but I expect her to stay home. We'll see, though - if she's doing OK and wants to go, I'll take her. Hopefully I can remember to check out Friend Makin' Monday!
  • Tuesday: No plans come to mind. Just the usual - school, the hubby working, etc. Perhaps I'll post Friend Makin' Monday if I forget on Monday - again!
  • Wednesday: Again, no plans that I can think of - and my Google calendar is blank, so it must be true - right? I sure hope so!
  • Thursday: The hubby gets paid, so that's always nice. Otherwise, nada - I hope. Note to self: get better about updating that Google calendar!
  • Friday: I have an ultrasound in the morning. It's for the aforementioned (twice now) knee. Aside from that, I'm planning to participate in Friday Follow and Five Question Friday.
OK, so the week's not as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. Well, at least not so far as planned events go. Once we make it through our BUSY Monday, it shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully. I am hoping to get a book read that I'm going to be editing, but so far our printer won't cooperate! Looks like we'll be buying a new printer in the next couple of days. (UPDATE: DH just told me that he ordered a new printer! Problem sorta solved. I'm still running behind so far as getting my book read! Oh, well. It'll work out. No sense stressing over it.)

Have a blessed week, everyone!



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