Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week in Review & Looking Ahead

Another review/preview post. I might try to do this regularly. For one, it's nice to go back and rethink the week. Actually, I write it up during the course of the week, so it's nice to review what I felt was important each day. Anyway, it's also nice to look ahead into the week. I like having some idea of what is scheduled to come - keeps things in perspective. And, by sharing what posts I'm planning for the week, it keeps me accountable. Maybe by doing this I'll keep from neglecting this blog! ;-)


Without further ado, here's the Week in Review:
  • Sunday: I posted my first Week in Review/Looking Ahead. It was nice to look back on the week and take a peek at what is coming. On a personal note, I had another visit to the Emergency Room. This time it was for Natalie. She was supposed to be taking a nap, but apparently decided she'd rather not. DH and I heard a LOUD crash from her room, followed by crying. I get there first to find her standing on the floor next to her crib. We turn on the light to see blood trickling down her face. She'd apparently hit her head on the small table near her crib on her way down! So, to the ER we went. Like her brother, Natalie was able to avoid stitches, as they were able to glue it. It wasn't exactly how I'd envisioned spending my Sunday! I sure hope we don't have another ER trip anytime soon. Never would be good! ;-)
  • Monday: I opted not to participate in Friend Makin' Monday this week. It was all about the Oscars, which I really didn't care at all about. So, I saved myself the time. On a personal note, my physical therapy went well, and Abby's tooth extraction did, too. 
  • Tuesday: I decided to start a new meme: Tune-In Tuesday. I LOVE music, and that's what it's all about. Check it out, and participate in it next week! If it takes off (or at least someone participates), I'll make/get (can't decide which) a button for it! On a personal note, the Tooth Fairy forgot to visit my poor sweet daughter! She was promised an extra-special prize, and instead was heartbroken! Poor thing!
  • Wednesday: I posted a quick reminder about my book giveaway. There's still time to enter - don't miss out! On a personal note, it was a GREAT day. We were able to pay off our Odyssey, and no longer have any car payments! Woohoo! God is good! Oh, and Abby headed back to school - and she clearly was happy to be back.
  • Thursday: Quiet blog day, but not at home. Natalie was diagnosed with yet another ear infection. So now we're talking tubes. *sigh* I had my second physical therapy appointment, which went well.  
  • Friday: I opted to avoid posting Friday Follow, but did post Five Question Friday. Personally, I had an ultrasound of my knee done. Hopefully I'll hear from the doctor next week. It was officially the last day of the third quarter for the kids - YIKES! Time to start thinking about plans for summer! I ended the day by attending Winter Jam, which featured Tenth Avenue North, Newsboys, Third Day, and many more. VERY good concert. 
  • Saturday: Just this! ;-) Personally, Abby had a gymnastics class this morning - LOVED it! I think she might want to do more at some point. There's only one more week, and she's disappointed that it's ending so soon. She was rewarded for good behavior at school by me taking her out for lunch, then to see Alice in Wonderland. VERY good movie - beautiful colors, and very well done. It wasn't dark, which I know many feared. Abby loved it, too.

And now for a preview of the week:
  • Sunday: No blog-related plans, although I might finally clean up the layout a bit. Personally, no plans - just hoping to recover from Daylight Savings!
  • Monday: Friend Makin' Monday, assuming I like the topic. ;-) Personally, more physical therapy for me.
  • Tuesday: Week 2 of my new meme, Tune-In Tuesday. I don't think anyone participated last week - PLEASE, someone, participate this week! LOL I already know what I will be posting. If I get some people to join in, I'll make a nifty graphic for it. I just don't want to waste my time if it's not gonna catch on. Personally, just an event at Grant's school.
  • Wednesday: The BOOK GIVEAWAY ends (at 1 a.m., so register no later than TUESDAY)! Don't miss your chance to enter! Personally, it's the first of three days off for Grant. I'm thinking that maybe this week we'll go to Monkey Joe's this week.
  • Thursday: No plan blogwise. Personally, Abby has a half day, Grant has no school, and I have parent-teacher conferences for both kids.
  • Friday: Friday Follow - if they aren't saying we need to post their sponsor's button! ;-) Plus Five Question Friday - too much fun to miss! Personally, physical therapy in the morning. All three kids home - Monkey Joe's?
  • Saturday: Week in Review & Looking Ahead blog post. Personally, Abby has gymnastics and I gotta pay bills.
And there you have it. The week looks to be a little less crazy than this last one, but having the kids home so much might make it end up crazier! LOL We'll see.

Have a blessed week - and Happy St. Patrick's Day (on Wednesday)!

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