Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #3

I was very, very sick last week, so I missed this one. I was sad, as this is one of my favorites! I have decided to share a couple from last week simply because otherwise they'd go missed!

This is hosted on Living to Tell the Story. If you'd like to join in, the rules of play can be found HERE. This week's post, with the MckLinky attached, is HERE.

1. An AWESOME hubby ~ I think I married the best man ever. How do I know? Because when I was sicker than sick (trust me, you do NOT want details), he helped me so much. He took care of me, cleaned up after me, and even took a day off work without my having to ask! The day he was off, he did EVERYTHING so I could just sleep – which is pretty much all I did last Thursday! While it wasn't necessary, he totally proved himself to me last week!

2. A very, very sweet daughter ~ Abby so very sweetly was quite concerned about me while I was sick. She suggested that she had the hubby make me my favorite dinner last Thursday. Now, there was NO WAY that wouldn't have caused MORE trouble, the fact that she thought of that all on her own and she wanted to help take care of me means so much! (Happy tears!) When told I probably couldn't eat much, she asked if I could eat toast, then promptly made me toast! After that, she sweetly read me stories as I laid down before she went to bed!

3. Blogmania ~ What!? Yes, Blogmania. It was so much fun discovering so many blogs I never would've visited without it. I entered more giveaways than I care to admit. Best part: I won THREE different giveaways associated with Blogmania (posted about it on Proud Book Nerd, because it was book-related). I have received one of my prizes from that already, and can't wait to read it! (It's Jodi Picoult's Handle with Care. Add to that, Proud Book Nerd will be a participating blog for Blogmania in September! I'll be posting about that over there soon ...

4. A good bank ~ Saturday morning we were contacted about suspicious activity on our credit card. Fortunately, it was only three small charges, and we aren't responsible for them. Thank God our company (Bank of America) was so attentive and quick to contact us! That account number has been deactivated and a new one created. Now we just wait for the new cards, although this has been a good thing. Force me to NOT spend ...

5. School book fair ~ My favorite even of the year! LOL I help set it up, then I help support our PTA. And we get some great books to add to our ever-expanding "library" at home! :-)

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