Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Journal: Day 22

Question: What would I use lottery winnings for?

My Answer: I am assuming that we're talking about BIG money. Multi-million-dollar lottery winnings. Am also assuming this is about what I'd do after contacting my lawyer and accountant, claiming it, and paying taxes. After all of that, here are some of the things I'd do:
  • Donate a sizable portion to charities: Compassion International, Best Friends Animal Society, St. Jude's, the ASPCA, BGEA (Billy Graham's ministry), and a few others.
  • Pay off ALL of our debts: credit cards (and destroy them), loans, mortgage – EVERYTHING.
  • Buy a new house with everything I want in it. From the rooms to the decor and appliances, everything exactly how I want it. It also must have separate space for my mom.
  • Pay for regular maid service.
  • Go to Hawaii, Italy, and many other places I've always wanted to visit. Flying first-class, of course, and staying in nothing but the BEST of hotels.
  • Put enough away to help pay for the kids' college educations.
  • Save for DH's retirement.
  • Invest, invest, invest.
  • Get DH a new car – or truck.
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