Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The Madness Meme, Part 2

Sunday Stealing: The Madness Meme, Part 2

Cheers to all of us thieves!

23. Do you ever walk around the house naked?

24. If you were an animal what would you be? Why? A house cat. Lie around all day, play with random small things, bask in sunlight. Sounds nice.

25. Hair color you like on someone you’re dating? My husband's hair is brown.

26. If suffering an injury, would you rather be left blind or deaf? I honestly don't know. Probably blind, if I HAD to. I can listen to audiobooks, listen to the TV, listen to music. I don't think I could live without music!

27. Do you have any special talents? Don't we all?

28. What do you do as soon as you walk in the house? Take off my shoes and hang up my key.

29. Do you like horror or comedy? Comedy

30. Are you missing anyone? Yes.

31. Where do you want to live when you are old? Don't know. We'll see where I am at that point!

32. Who is the person you can count on the most? My husband.

33. If you could date any celebrity past or present, who would it be? I don't know.

34. What did you dream last night? I don't remember.

35. What is your favorite sport to watch? Football

36. Are you named after anyone? My middle name was my grandmother's middle name.

37. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? I stay away from hard alcohol, but occasionally drink a little wine.

38. Non alcoholic drink? Dr Pepper or chai tea latte

39. Have you ever been in love? Still am.

40. Do you sing in the shower? Sometimes.

41. Have you ever been arrested? No.

42. What is your favorite Holiday? Christmas

43. Would you ever get plastic surgery? Maybe.

44. Have you ever caught a fish? Yes.

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