Monday, December 21, 2009

Friend Makin Monday: All I Want for Christmas

It's been too long since I last participated in Friend Makin Monday! This week's topic is somewhat easy, so I decided to dive back in.

What I want for Christmas:
  • For my kids to really enjoy themselves and that they create memories to last a lifetime.
  • Peace.
So far as things under the Christmas tree:
And that's about it. So, what about you? What do you want for Christmas?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter to Santa

For the second-straight year, Abby has taken it upon herself to write a letter to Santa. No prompting, no influence of which I am aware, just her own initiative. And, as always, it's cute as ever. I thought I'd share it. (It will be as she wrote it, complete with spelling errors. I'll correct in red, to help you read it. Oh, and I'm centering it just for my own preference!)

Dear Santa I want
a roabot (robot) dog one that
has fur I also want
a real puppy. I also want
a stuft (stuffed) animle (animal) Horse.
I also want a bell from
your sled. I also want
a book. Santa I have
ben (been) mostly beeing (being)
good this year. And Santa
I rily (really) like your rein
dears (reindeer's) names.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wherefore art thou, Balance?

Yes, yes, I know. In Romeo and Juliet, "wherefore art thou" actually means "why are you" and NOT "where are you" - my degree's in English, I KNOW that. I am taking artistic license and exploiting it for my own purposes.

And now we come to the point. I'm struggling to find a good balance to my life as of late. And that, my friends, is why I've been so silent lately. Life is beginning to get out of control, and the not-completely-essential/my-event things are what get put on hold. Example: Now that soccer is over with, Abby has started Girl Scouts. She's not doing it with the troop affiliated with her own school - that would've been WAY too easy. She's in her BFF's troop, which is in the next town over. So, every other Monday I have to pick her up at school, drive to the meeting (with the other two in tow, of course) to drop her off, go home or run errands for about 45 minutes (total, including driving time), then pick her up and come home for the night. Fortunately, the troop leader is her BFF's mom, someone I consider a trustworthy friend. (She's even our emergency contact for almost everything.) At least I don't have to worry at all about how it's going. I know she's in good hands.

In addition to Girl Scouts, I have started a part-time freelance editing gig. I am expected to work (from home) roughly 12 hours per week. I try to do it during nap time, but that's not going so well - the boy apparently is getting too old for naps. Most days, I don't get a nice, quiet afternoon during which to edit. Despite my best efforts to edit during the day, I usually end up working after the kids go to bed. This means most nights I'm up too late. This, in turn, means I spend most of my days exhausted. I have found myself allowing myself to drink a bit more Dr Pepper than I'd like to be. But, I consider it essential.

Aside from my blogging and other online activities (plus reading), the main - and most important - casualty has been getting back into shape. I haven't exercised regularly in a few weeks, simply for lack of time. (I had been doing it during my downtime, which now becomes either editing or housework time. I need my REAL downtime, though, so when those are done, I catch up on Facebook or read a book, rather than working out - which, to me, is more WORK.) I've been trying to at least continue eating better - or at least less. I've been doing OK with that. The weight isn't dropping off anymore, but at least it's not returning to where it was a few months ago. And I'm still able to wear my rings. So, for now, I've decided to just make sure that doesn't change. So long as I don't gain that weight back, I'm not gonna worry about it. The added responsibilities and duties associated with the holidays make it next to impossible for me to get my routine back. I guess I'll start with a resolution for the new year - better myself, meaning get back in shape.

On the very bright side, I have officially met my goal of reading 50 DIFFERENT books (not counting any I've read for the kiddos) this year! :-) I'm so proud of myself - especially knowing that two of those I EDITED, which means each of those was read through at least twice, and much more slowly and carefully than I normally would read. I am EXTREMELY proud of myself for this. I tried to do this last year, but didn't even get halfway to my goal. So, YAY me! ;-)

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