Wednesday, July 27, 2011

W.T.F. Meme: Ehh, what's up with you?

1) CBS debuted a show titled "Same Name" over the weekend which has famous people (including David Hasselhoff, Kathy Griffin, and Reggie Bush) switch places with everyday people with the same name. Do you share the same name with some famous person? Not that I know of.

2) If you do have (or theoretically if you did have) the same name as a celebrity, would you trade places with the celebrity for a while for a television show? Sure. Why not? It might be fun.

3) Today (July 27) is Bugs Bunny's 71st birthday. What should he do to celebrate his birthday? Eat some carrot cake.

4) What has been your favorite movie so far this year? The final HP, of course!

5) If you were a tour guide for your city, what three places would you take visitors to see? I'd take 'em up on the bluffs so they could see the gorgeous view of the river. Then to the John Deere Commons, because you can't come to the Quad-Cities and not go there! Finally, I'd take them to Jim's Rib Haven for the best barbecue EVER!

6) How often do you screen your phone calls? Every time the phone rings. (I check caller ID. If I don't recognize the name/number, I don't answer.)

7)  27-year-old Amy Winehouse died over the weekend. Were you a fan of hers, or were you like me and barely knew anything about her until after she died? Barely knew anything about her. I knew about her drug use thanks to Leno/Letterman. But that's about it.

8) Who is another celebrity you feel died too young? Heath Ledger

9) If you had the power to decide people's fates, would you consider it a blessing or a curse and why? A curse. That is a HUGE responsibility. I think I'd rather leave that up to God.

10) Wanting to go to a taxidermist to get your dead dog/cat stuffed -- normal or creepy? Very creepy.

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