Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life sucks sometimes

I just posted a huge long post about my childhood over on Vox. So, if you're on Vox and you have access, check it out. If not, I guess you're just SOL!

And now I've forgotten what I wanted to say here. Darn kids! ;-)

Oh, yeah. The title. For once I'm glad I have to make a title! LMAO

DH is a prick. A fucking prick. At times like these, I hate him. I know, awful - and probably indicative of how immature I am. But, hey, too damn bad. That said, he's just a know-it-all prick.

We have a Roomba (love that thing) - well, two, actually. The first one never charged properly, and we thought we got a dud. I sometimes wondered if the outlet it was plugged into had something to do with it. Sometime later, we acquired our newest Roomba. We had it plugged in elsewhere and it worked great. Recently, we plugged it into the outlet we had the first one plugged into. And now, the battery won't hold a charge - same problem as the first one. I suggested to DH that the outlet might have something to do with it, and he IMMEDIATELY shoots me down. He says no, the battery's just spent. They have a limited number of charge cycles, etc. Blah, blah, blah. OK, I don't deny that could be part of it, but what about the outlet? TWO Roombas met an untimely death after being plugged into that same outlet. Sure, we have had this Roomba for a couple of years now, but it just seems too coincidental, kwim? If this happened while it was plugged into any other outlet, I'd take what DH's explanation is and agree 100%. But, I see a pattern. Sure, we've only had two Roombas, but both were plugged into that outlet. Now, the first one we never plugged in anywhere else, so it is possible that it was a dud. But, you still can't deny the similarities here. This whole thing resulted in a HUGE fight. Funny, huh?

No, it's NOT about a stupid vacuuming robot. Not at all. It's about him ALWAYS dismissing my opinions. He does this more often than not. Won't even consider my thoughts on stuff like that. Apparently he knows EVERYTHING and I'm just a stupid idiot who knows nothing. Stupid jackass! So, I'm mad - well, mad because I'm hurt. He won't even consider my thoughts b/c I haven't tested 50 Roombas to see if it really is a pattern or whatever. Stupid fucking prick. Jackass jerk. And, of course, when I try to talk to him about this, he focuses on the Roomba, not what I'm trying to explain to him. I'm trying to tell him it's not about the Roomba. It's about him making me feel like my opinions and ideas about things are nothing worth considering - like he thinks I'm stupid or something. While it's not meant to be, it's VERY hurtful. (And, yes, I'm like an injured animal - I say all sorts of things, hence what you're reading here. Better here than hurling shit at him, right?)
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