Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still here

I have been away just b/c I'm so dang busy. I know - I do it to myself. I'm an owner of a Web site, and a co-admin on another. Then I joined yet ANOTHER board (as if I needed it) recently and have been spending a ton of time there, too. I'm considering leaving Mommy Zone, as it's really not the same since Kelly left. I can't decide, though. Most of my friends have met up elsewhere, but there are a couple of women I still like talking to. But, it reminds me of when Mommy-Talk was taken over by Gail, and I couldn't stay. I couldn't respect the leadership, and knew that meant I couldn't remain there, either. And I had CLOSER friends - women who I'd known since I was pg with Abby - that didn't follow me anywhere! :-( Makes me so sad. And some won't even return my e-mails! :-( Oh, well. I do think that I will have to leave MZ, but I'm going to wait. They're going to be changing the name/url, etc. So, that'll be the perfect opportunity.

Well, I need to get to bed, so I'm gonna go. I'll try to be back soon.
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