Monday, December 21, 2009

Friend Makin Monday: All I Want for Christmas

It's been too long since I last participated in Friend Makin Monday! This week's topic is somewhat easy, so I decided to dive back in.

What I want for Christmas:
  • For my kids to really enjoy themselves and that they create memories to last a lifetime.
  • Peace.
So far as things under the Christmas tree:
And that's about it. So, what about you? What do you want for Christmas?



Paige said...

What a great list! Hope you and your family have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

How I need, or would love rather, a new winter coat as well!

Hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas!

ham1299 said...

Paige ~ Amen! You have a merry CHRISTmas, too!

Ashely ~ Thanks! I hope yours is a wonderful Christmas!

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