Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter to Santa

For the second-straight year, Abby has taken it upon herself to write a letter to Santa. No prompting, no influence of which I am aware, just her own initiative. And, as always, it's cute as ever. I thought I'd share it. (It will be as she wrote it, complete with spelling errors. I'll correct in red, to help you read it. Oh, and I'm centering it just for my own preference!)

Dear Santa I want
a roabot (robot) dog one that
has fur I also want
a real puppy. I also want
a stuft (stuffed) animle (animal) Horse.
I also want a bell from
your sled. I also want
a book. Santa I have
ben (been) mostly beeing (being)
good this year. And Santa
I rily (really) like your rein
dears (reindeer's) names.

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