Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lessons We Learn

As I thought about what to title this post, The Lessons We Learn popped into my mind. I think this might end up being the first in a series, as Lord knows there are many lessons we learn in life – and I'm not talking academics, either! ;-) For now, though, I'll just share what's on my mind.

As you might or might not know, back in early September, I hurt my wrist. Badly. I couldn't type much, and that's when I fell out of the blogosphere for a while. I still have some pain and/or discomfort (depending on the day), and was told by my doctor that it could take up to 12 weeks to fully heal. (Darn those ligaments! ;-) ) Based on my tendency to overdo it at times, I wouldn't be surprised if it took even longer than that.

Anyway, in the course of learning to cope with an injured wrist, I learned a lot. A lot about myself, and a lot about how much I take having a whole, (mostly) healthy body for granted. And before I continue, let me state that I am left-handed, and had injured my right wrist. I think that's pertinent. Anyway, today, while getting dressed and doing laundry, I thought of a whole bunch of things that it just amazes me how much we (and I think it's safe to assume I'm not the only one here) tend to take for granted. So, I present to you my list.

Things I took for granted before hurting my wrist:

  1. Tying my kids' shoes. It's very hard to get the angles and movements down right when you can't bend your wrist.

  2. Doing my hair. I wear it up a lot. Putting my hair into a ponytail wasn't happening with just one hand!

  3. Reading a book. Seriously! I know it sounds silly, but it's hard to hold the book the way I normally do without being able to bend at the wrist! Especially with paperback books!

  4. Sleeping. I am not kidding. It was hard getting comfortable with a heavy brace on my arm – and being unable to bend that wrist the way I guess I normally do. (I had no idea I do that!)

  5. Putting on my bra. It's next to impossible without being able to bend the wrist. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about! That back closure – um, yeah. Thank God I could get the hubby to help.

  6. Cutting my children's food.

  7. Driving. I didn't realize how much I drove one-handed, using my right hand! I ended up basically having to use my left hand while cradling my right arm in my lap. But, when it came time for turn signals, that was rough. The brace has a metal plate/bar thing inside that goes up the length of the underside of it. (That's the side that includes the palm of my hand.) It's next to impossible to grip anything when using the brace!

  8. Sex. Sorry, but I'm not going to elaborate ... ;-)

  9. Changing diapers. It's not as hard as I thought it would be, but still. A compromised – and largely useless – hand makes it a bit more challenging!

  10. Getting dressed. Slightly less tricky than getting my boobs covered was pulling on the lower-body coverings ...

  11. Doing laundry. Loading the washer/dryer wasn't so bad. Took extra long, though, with only one hand. (Both are front-loaders.) But, folding laundry was impossible. And, yes, now I am behind. Most stuff is clean, but not necessarily where it should be ...

  12. Lots and lots of other things. This list could go on for days and days! LOL

It was amazing to me the things I took for granted. Absolutely amazing. I had no idea how much I actually do rely on my right hand, despite being left-handed! I do think that my ability to adapt pretty easily comes from being a lefty in a right-handed world. (It really is true – ask any lefty!) I am EXTREMELY grateful that it was my right wrist, and not the left one, though.

I am finally no longer wearing the brace. For a few weeks, I only had to wear the brace for sleeping. It was so nice to be mostly free! LOL I recently was told I can go without even overnight, and that has been awesome. Although, I have aggravated things a bit over the past couple of weeks, and elected to sleep with the brace again. I'm hoping and praying that this injury gets fully healed SOON, as I'm kinda tired of this!
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