Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book Review: Vanishing Acts ***SPOILERS***

Vanishing Acts: A Novel Vanishing Acts: A Novel by Jodi Picoult

rating: 5 of 5 stars
I wish we could do half-star ratings, as I would prefer to give this four and a half stars. It was a VERY good book, but there are things that make me want to mark it down. But, I think it deserves more than four stars, which is why I decided to just go up rather than down from 4.5 stars.

So, what are my problems. Well, for one, there are too many loose ends. I was VERY happy to see how things played out, but one more chapter with what was next would've been nice. I want to know a few things:

What happens with Eric? Does he stay in Arizona? Does he sober up and stay sobered up?
What happens with Fitz? Where does he get a new job? Does he get the girl?
What about Delia? Who does she choose?
What happens to Andrew? Is he able to get back to his life in New Hampshire, or does his legal trouble cause him to fall in his standing?

In short, I loved the story. Very well-written, and great curves thrown in there. I didn't see the sexual-abuse angle coming at all. Shocked me as much as it shocked the courtroom. But, I will say that Victor wasn't someone I liked at all. I couldn't figure it out at first. But, when Sophie disappeared and she's found getting ice cream with him. He took Sophie without asking - I couldn't believe Delia was OK. I understand she was relieved that Sophie was OK, but seriously? She hardly knew the man - had only met him a couple of weeks prior. As a mother, I would have been PISSED! My reaction would've been something to the effect of "Who the hell do you think you are? Don't you EVER take my daughter anywhere without my consent - EVER!" And then when the sexual-abuse thing came to light, I cringed. Scary, scary stuff. I really think this (aside from the questions I want answers to) was my main problem with the book. Overall, a great read that I highly recommend.

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