Saturday, March 14, 2009

Product Review: Rosemary Orange Shampoo and Conditioner

My back is doing much better, I am finally able to get to another product review! My humblest apologies to anyone who's been waiting - especially to the folks at EcostoreUSA, who were kind enough to send me these products in exchange for my reviews.

Tonight I'm going to share the Rosemary Orange Shampoo and Rosemary Orange Conditioner. I'm doing them together because, well, I use them together. My hair is such that I cannot go without conditioner, so using them separately isn't gonna happen! The shampoo's description on the Web site says:
Combining nature's best products and aromatherapy Ecostore USA has created a wonderful shampoo that will bring volume and life back to your hair. (6.8 fluid ounces)
The description of the conditioner on the Web site says:
Use the Rosemary Orange Conditioner to give body to oily, lifeless hair. This gentle formulation is made with NO NASTY CHEMICALS that could possibly strip hair of essential oils. (6.8 fluid ounces)
And both bottles say the following:
Extra body for fine/oily hair
I am big on scented shampoos and conditioners, and one of the first things I did was smell them. And, I'll be honest, initially I wasn't too sure. The rosemary seems to be the dominant scent, and usually I go for flowery stuff. This is a far cry from what I usually go for - and I couldn't help but think I should've asked for the Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner instead. But, that is for chemically treated hair, which mine is not. At least not at the present time. Perhaps when I get back into coloring it, I'll give the Vanilla a try.

Anyway, back to the products at hand. I really like both products. I have used both several times now - I wanted to get a really good amount of experience with them. I used them exclusively for a couple of weeks to make sure I was seeing results strictly from these products, rather than something else I'd normally use. The shampoo really gets my hair clean - I'm talking squeaky clean. It's really cool - and probably cleaner than my usual shampoo gets it. It lathers very nicely - and without using a ton of the product! That means more bang for your buck - you can use less of the product to get your desired result. The conditioner works very well, too. The best part is that, used together, these products have done wonders for my naturally curly, but VERY fine hair! My hair is so fine that it doesn't hold its natural curls well without a LOT of help. But, this product actually enhances my natural curls! I'm guessing it is significantly better at NOT leaving any residue or build-up on my hair, making it lighter and more apt to curl - and KEEP the curl! It's awesome!

Outside the bottles, the scent is actually very nice. It's natural-smelling and pleasant. And after my hair is dry it smells nice. My husband says he likes the scent, too - and that's always a bonus! ;-)

In summary: EcostoreUSA's Rosemary Orange Shampoo and Rosemary Orange Conditioner are wonderful products. They clean and condition my hair better than my usual product; they smell great; and, big-time bonus, they are safe for our environment! It doesn't get much better than that! For those of you in the Midwest, if you have a Meijer store nearby keep an eye out for EcostoreUSA products, as they're coming soon - if not there already! For those of us without Meijer, their products can be purchased via the company's Web site.
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