Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's the Bzz: Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food #imabzzagent

Before I get started with this post, I just wanted to make it clear that I am a BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a company that helps businesses get the word out about their products. They hook their agents up with products to preview, and then let us loose to share our experiences. BzzAgents are open, honest, and having fun.

We have a 5-year-old beagle named Sawyer. He's generally a very good dog, and your typical chow-hound. He'll eat just about anything. Oddly, though, for the past several months, he'd been ignoring his bowl full of food for an entire day before eating his breakfast. It would get eaten right before it was dinner time. As I mentioned, he's a beagle. Beagles generally are not picky dogs. We're not sure what was up with that, but it seems to have passed now. You see, thanks to BzzAgent, we were able to sample Bil-Jac Dry Dog food. (Well, when I say we, I really mean Sawyer was able to sample it. No humans in this house ate any, at least so far as I am aware!)

We decided to try the 2-bowl challenge. All you do for that is put a small amount of his regular food in a bowl and a small amount of Bil-Jac in a bowl and let the dog pick.

Sawyer barely even considered his previous food. He inhaled Bil-Jac, and suddenly was very much looking forward to meals every day. He still looks forward to meals every day now!

With the exception of his eating habits, I'm not sure I could say he's changed much otherwise. He's in need of knee surgery, and still has regular problems with his bum knee(s). I never expected the food to fix that, of course. I'm sharing that because I think it's entirely possible that the lack of change in his behavior is because of his knees. His coat does appear to be a bit shinier, but that could be simply because I expect that to happen.

For more information on the Bil-Jac food, check out their Web site:
For more information on Bil-Jac nutrition, check out THIS PAGE.

My husband and I are both quite impressed with this food. Sawyer hasn't been this enthusiastic about his everyday food since he was a puppy!

We'd like to continue feeding this to our dog, but I'm not sure if we will. While it's clearly an excellent product, it is expensive. More expensive than the brand we'd previously fed Sawyer. I'm not sure if Bil-Jac fits into our budget. We'll try to make it work, though – I can say that with confidence.

So, yes, I would highly recommend Bil-Jac dry dog food. (And Sawyer would, too!)

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