Thursday, July 23, 2009

Technology and I have a love-hate relationship

I'm trying to curb my frustration right now, as it's about to boil over! And, yes, as the title hints, it's all related to technology. No, none of it is a big deal - at least not in the big picture. It's just frustrating the hell outta me, to say the least!

My current issue is this blog. I love it, but or some reason my feed isn't working right. I don't know enough about how feeds work to really troubleshoot it, but I've tried anyway. As some of you have seen, I posted a test post, tried messing with things, then deleted the test post. Then I discovered that my test post DID go through - at least through Twitterfeed - not sure about Networked Blogs on Facebook. The latter is what caused me to look into this in the first place. It hasn't pulled any posts by me in a long time. And I'm not sure why. I can't figure it out. I was messing with FeedBurner, which is what I use to share my blog - it allows people to subscribe via e-mail, which is what I'd wanted. I don't even know if that's working properly. Anyway, with all of my messing around with that, I got to where I couldn't figure out what I was doing - so I thought I'd get some support. Well, FeedBurner recently was acquired by Google ... I went through their annoying help menus, and finally found a "contact us" link. But, that didn't take me to a contact form - NO! That took me to the answer to some other question about FeedBurner. So, either their link's not properly coded, or they're just wanting to give their "customers" the most annoying runaround EVER! That pretty much is what led to me being EXTREMELY frustrated. And also what led to this post - hopefully this will feed as it's supposed to and the frustration will disappear - HOPEFULLY. I know better than to hold my breath, though! ;-)

This, of course is on the heels of other frustrations that are technology-related, the most recent of which anyone who's seen me on Facebook recently knows all about! Long story short: One of the apps, a game, was inaccessible to me for almost a full week. Given that I was stupid enough to pay for extra features on that game, I was quite ticked. If I pay for access to something, I had better damn well be given the royal treatment. It's now up and running - for now. It would've been MUCH less aggravating if this wasn't the second consecutive week this happened! Not to mention that the game would load, and I'd be greeted by a message saying my ACCOUNT was TEMPORARILY unavailable - and to check back in a COUPLE OF HOURS. I don't expect to wait DAYS for access when the error says HOURS.

There are other frustrations I could add to this, but I'm going to stop now. My wonderful (dripping sarcasm here - perhaps PMS is early?) husband is working a VERY long day. Which is fine, but he'd told me he's hoping to be back before the kids go to bed - that's in 30 minutes. No call, no text message, no nothing. That's not a good sign! More than anything, I'm irked about not having received any contact from him as of yet. If he's not going to make it, fine - just call and tell me. It's like being in limbo, which I HATE!
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