Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've been thinking

A friend of mine on Vox recently posted regarding the whole health care debacle. Basically, the CEO of Whole Foods wrote an editorial opposing the current health care plan(s) being pushed by our nation's leaders, and offering other ideas. While this isn't the purpose of my post, I will say that I like what this man has to say. And, as such, I posted a link to his piece on my Facebook page. (And now I get to the point.) My sweet sister posted something to the effect of, "Let's ask the owner of Trader Joe's what he thinks, too." To that, I responded, "Spoken like a true liberal," or something like that.

Since that exchange, I've been thinking. And recently it occurred to me that she - and likely many others - are ignoring this man's suggestions simply because of who he is and what he does! People who consider themselves open-minded won't even give these ideas any consideration because of their source. SERIOUSLY? And you call yourself open-minded? :nah: If there's a really good idea (not necessarily this one, but in general), does its source really matter? Does the fact that a CEO of a successful company came up with the idea make it a bad idea? And, if the source does matter, then perhaps we should disregard anything (concerning health care) put together by members of Congress (and/or the President)! I mean, really - I would daresay that most (if not all) of these people aren't any more qualified in regards to the health care industry than the CEO of Whole Foods.

Perhaps we should be asking people who work in the health care industry. See what the top dogs in that industry say would help lower costs and make health care something to which everyone has access. And, really, I think even people in the health insurance part of this industry should be included. After all, they're often blamed for the high costs of health care in this country. Perhaps they can also provide some valuable insight to how the system currently works. I highly doubt anyone in Congress knows how things work in this regard. Perhaps we should tap into the knowledge of those who are in the trenches. After all, no one understands the way things work as well as someone who's right there in the center of it all!
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