Friday, February 26, 2010

Just pitiful

We tried hard with all three kids to avoid the Linus syndrome - you know, having a blanket that must go EVERYWHERE with them! Abby and Grant went along with it, choosing something smaller (and more portable) to cling to. Natalie, however, did not cooperate.

Yesterday Natalie decided that she simply couldn't do anything without her precious blanket. While my husband makes her leave it in the crib every morning, I let her bring it downstairs. Sometimes - like yesterday - she tries to carry it with her everywhere. I say "tries" because I don't let her leave the house with it. And sometimes - again, like yesterday - she protests. Usually she just throws a fit and cries for about 5 minutes or so. Not yesterday. She threw a fit in the kitchen and refused to cooperate as I was trying to get everyone into the car. So, I forced her through the door (gently of course), after which point she relented and walked to the car without more fussing. This was in the morning, when dropping Abby off at school.

About 30 minutes later it was time to bring Grant to school. Natalie again attempted to bring the blanket. There was another fit. Again she refused to leave the house willingly. As I'm (again, gently) dragging her out the door, I asked "Do we really need to do this again?" Her response: "Yes" in the most pitiful voice I've ever heard! LMAO I couldn't help but crack up. And, yes, this occurred one more time when it was time to pick Grant up - complete with the pitiful "Yes" when asked if we really had to do that again! LOL

Natalie is such a character. All three of my kiddos are. But, I wouldn't change them - or my life with them - for anything. God has blessed me beyond my greatest hopes!

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