Sunday, September 19, 2010

I did it for my daughter

This weekend was Abby's overnight camp out for Girl Scouts. I had to be there, too, which was fine. It was nice to get to have some time with just her (and a bunch of other Girl Scouts and their moms ...). But, sleeping was a challenge. I decided to write something up in the notepad on my iPod Touch in the midst of my insomnia last night. This was written at 1:56 a.m. today.

Longest night EVER!!!!! Can't sleep to save my life! :-( gaaaaahhhhh! I hate, hate, hate this. I don't usually have trouble sleeping like this. What is the problem?

1. The bed sucks.
2. Others snore.
3. Beds are noisy.
4. Abby occasionally makes noise (once even shouting her BFF's name while still asleep), causing mommy senses to kick in.
5. Lots of lightning.
6. Thunder is beginning - finally.
7. No fan.
8. No Dan (known around here as Mr. Ham).
9. Stupid wrist brace.
10. Sleeping bag sucks.
11. Tiny, hard bed - more of a slab, really.
12. Can't get comfy. Possibly related to a few previous items. Who am I kidding? Definitely ...
13. Thunder is getting LOUD.
14. Mystery "soundtrack" music on my iPod - songs not conducive to SLEEPING!!!!!!!!

I didn't get to sleep, sleep – you know, truly asleep – until after 3 a.m. But, Abby had a blast, and that's what makes me not mind. And for me, this is HUGE. Normally, I am GROUCHY (making Oscar look like a saint) and do NOT function well on so little sleep.

And on that note, I have some reading to finish up. And some sleep to catch up on! ;-)


Stephanie said...

Sorry you didn't get a good sleep..Some of my favorite memories are from Girl Scout Camp
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ham1299 said...

Being there brought back a lot of memories. I know she had a blast, and I'm glad we went. :-)

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