Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It SHRUNK, and now I'm STUCK!

I'm in a pickle! It's not a major issue, rather more of an annoyance. Last weekend, I finally washed the hamper covers we have for our kids. They have the folding wood-framed hampers. Well, the girls' hampers might have shrunk a little, but the boy's hamper. Well, it shrunk so much I can't really get the cover back on there! :-( So, now I need a new hamper cover for him. But, I can't find one. I did a Google search, looked on eBay, and even checked esty. No luck. Plenty of hampers, no covers without the frames. Anyone know where I can get just a cover? Or, anyone crafty and able to make one? I managed to find the hamper for sale on Babies R Us, but I don't think I want this hamper/cover again! :-/

What it looks like:

The "specs" (click on it to read it):
The link:
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