Friday, March 28, 2008

Food Allergies

I'm starting to suspect that I might have a food allergy. I've noticed a bit over the past few years that sometimes when I eat my tongue gets numb and/or tingly. That can't be good. I thought maybe it was a fluke for a while, but I've noticed it more lately. The current culprit appears to be Athenos hummus. I LOVE that stuff, so it makes me sad. I tried to contact my allergist to see if I can get an appointment with him, but they're closed this afternoon. So, I have to wait until Monday to call. But, food allergies aren't something I want to mess around with - especially not ones that make my tongue feel funny. (I've heard that's the kind that can cause the throat to swell.) I have no idea what it could be - but I did recently find out that my mom's uncle died from an allergy to celery, of all things. I don't think it's celery, but hopefully my allergist can help me sort this out. Plus, I have to worry about whether this will affect my kids - and how. Ugh. What fun! I guess it could be worse; at least I know it's NOT peanut butter or other things that I eat much more regularly! ;-)
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