Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not a Morning Person

I hate when it's time to get one child somewhere and one of the others is still sleeping. I hate having to wake the peaceful child. But, sometimes it's gotta be done.

This morning was one such morning. It was getting close to time to take Grant to school, and Natalie was still sound asleep. It was clear we'd have to wake her. Grant and I headed to her room, where it was clear she was still OUT. She didn't even move when we turned on the light. While I was getting her clothes out, she finally became aware of our presence. I heard a squeaky, whiny "I don't want to" come from the crib. I smiled as I got everything – clothes, diaper, etc. – ready for her. I approach the crib to get her up, and am greeted with another "I don't want to!" LOL Her eyes were still closed tightly and she hadn't moved except to speak! I gently told her it's time to take Grant to school, and again heard "I don't want to!" LOL This went on for a few minutes before I lifted her out of the crib to get her ready.

Once she was out of the crib, the protests changed to "Noooooo!" and all-out screaming/crying. Poor thing. While I was getting her PJs off, I looked away for a minute to grab her blanket. When I turned back, she had put her foot back into her PJs! LOL As I pulled it back out, I hear, "No! No! No! No!" Poor thing - I know it's cold! Still it cracked me up. Little stinker! I think we're going to be in trouble when she hits the teen years!

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