Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Crush

Abby has her first crush. It's on a boy in her class. It's pretty cute to watch her talk about him and give me updates on how things are going. Apparently, from what she told me, he likes her, too. But she knows she's too young for a boyfriend. The funny thing is she talks about him whenever she wants to, regardless of who is around. But, she has sworn me to secrecy and tells Mr. Ham that she's not going to talk about Addison with him. LOL It's pretty cute, I think.

Thinking about this reminds me of my first crush. I was in preschool, and his name was Steven. I remember that on Valentine's Day I was early to preschool, and the teacher had heart-shaped name tags at the snack table. We had to open the heart to find out where we were sitting, and I remember scoping it out to find his. When he got there, I showed him his spot, all proud of myself, only to be chastised by my teacher for ruining the fun for Steven! LOL I also remember hounding my mom with questions as the time to start kindergarten grew closer. I can't remember everything, but I do remember asking if he'll go to the same school. I know she said she didn't think so. And I remember that she was right. He wasn't at my kindergarten. But, my last memory of my first crush was on the last day of school. I kissed him good-bye. LOL The only thing I remember is that he was taller than I was, and I leaned up on my tiptoes to give him the kiss. (Don't know if I kissed his cheek, forehead, or – gasp! – lips.)I also remember that parents were in the room – I'm guessing it was pickup time.

Aaahhh! Young love ...

Anyone else wanna share about their first crush? I'd love if others shared their stories!

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