Sunday, August 1, 2010

It Really Is True ~~~ And I'm Late to the Party

Odd title, huh? I know, I know. That's because you're in for a treat: TWO posts in ONE! How cool is that? (LOL I'm in a weird mood.)

Post 1: It Really Is True

What's true? You had to ask. Well, they say that when you become a mother, things really, really change. And, well, that's a DUH statement, huh? But, I've also heard that when you have children, it's like your heart is running around. Like they ARE your heart. And, before this weekend, I thought I knew what it meant. But I didn't. Not really. I had an idea, but now I get it better than I had before.

What's changed? Well, the wonderful Mr. Ham kindly gave me the weekend home ALONE! He took our three wonderful children downstate to see his family. Just so I could get a break! (This was originally planned because we thought he was going to be away for the fall semester, but that's another story.) Don't I have the best hubby ever? Isn't that the SWEETEST thing? I have been away from my kids before, and even for about the same amount of time. The difference is that I'm home and they aren't. I haven't been home alone for more than a few hours at a time since before they were born. This is S-T-R-A-N-G-E. Quite different from what I'd expected.Don't get me wrong. I'm enjoying my much-needed ME time. But, it's weird. Everything is empty, quiet, still. I don't mind, really I don't.

Back to the original point – about the hearts running around. It dawned on me yesterday – even Friday night. It is HARD for me to not worry with them so far away. I don't worry about them nearly as much when I'm the one away from home. But, my three little hearts – four, if you count Mr. Ham – are running around four hours away from me. They have to travel for four hours on the Interstate tomorrow to come home to me. A path that very well could be wrought with danger. A path that could lead to my losing them! :-( Yes, I trust God for their safety. I'm praying for traveling mercies, that they each come home in one – very much alive and healthy – piece.

How is this like I have little hearts out there running around? Well, because my heart aches – and not with worry. But like a piece – or a few pieces, I suppose – of me is missing. Little portions of my heart are running around with their cousins downstate, and I'm a bit fragmented. I won't be whole until they return – safely. God forbid – and I mean it, God, FORBID anything happen to them – I don't know how I would move on. But, thinking like that only leads to unhappiness. So, I'm writing this out to help get such things off my mind, and get myself back into enjoying what few hours left of freedom that I have to enjoy.

I feel like this half of the post is rambling. Sorry. But, hey, I'm true to form, right? This blog is, after all, Ramblings & More! I would be a liar if I didn't ramble! ;-) Anyway, summary: My kiddos (and wonderful hubby) are away for a weekend. And FINALLY understand what is meant when they say motherhood means you have your heart outside your body!

Post 2: Late to the Party

What party? Oh, just hold on there. I'll get to it, I promise. Just brace yourself: more rambling is on the way ...

When I was in high school, I was busy. Not only did I have school work and Treble Choir, but I had a boyfriend and Falconettes (poms). Well, this is specifically my senior year – and the boyfriend in question is none other than Mr. Ham. Yes, he's my high school sweetheart. God has been good to me. I digress ...

Anyway, as such, I missed the boat on the popular TV shows of the day. Friends, ER, and other goodies. I started watching them my freshman year in college, when I finally had time – sorta. I got hooked. When Mr. Ham and I were done with college, married, and moved to our current locale, I watched all of the old ER episode reruns on TNT. I had to see what had already happened. I wasn't having trouble understanding anything, but I wanted to know what I'd missed. I picked up the show the first year WITHOUT George Clooney. Yep, I missed Dr. Ross! But, I was a faithful watcher from then on out. Even through the last few, less-than-stellar (in my opinion) seasons. I had watched them ALL and HAD to see how they ended the show. I was satisfied with the way ER was wrapped up, but also happy to see it go. Talk about beating a dead horse ...

Anyway, because of my loyalty to ER, I missed out on many other good shows, one of which was Grey's Anatomy. And I regretted that once I heard about how good it was. But, I'm loyal – often to a fault – and I wasn't ditching a floundering ER for an "ER wannabe" show.


Netflix, how I love thee ... let me count the ways ...

  1. Grey's Anatomy

  2. Grey's Anatomy

  3. Grey's Anatomy

You get the idea. I'm FINALLY watching that show. I've only got a few episodes left in Season 2 – Netflix says the last disc is coming tomorrow. (The last episode I saw was when Dr. Burke got shot and Dr. Bailey finds him in the ambulance bay. And Izzy decides to cause a patient's heart to fail so he can get a transplant.) I gotta tell ya, I LOVED the show from the pilot! So fresh, offbeat, and fun! I love that there's drama, but the show also cracks me up at times. And I love, love, LOVE the music! What an excellent show!

Although, I must complain. The whole Addison-Derek-Meredith thing. Um, hello! He's married. Meredith, back off. Of course, now I should mention that I've been watching Private Practice since its pilot, so maybe that's why I really love Addison so much. But, ya know, she's Derek's WIFE. Anyway, I must say that I cannot stand Izzy. I liked her in the first season, but this inappropriate relationship with a patient (Denny) just PISSES ME OFF! Of course, my distaste for her in general might have something to do with the way the actress (whose name eludes me at the moment) became such a diva by the end of her run on the show ... But, the Denny thing. The whole time I'm thinking "Someone stop her!" Ugh, and waiting one more day for the conclusion to that ... TORTURE!

All of that to say that, while I've got some issues with it, I'm loving Grey's Anatomy. Never thought I would be, but I'm glad I gave into my curiosity. This show makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me angry. Excellent, excellent show. I'm glad I finally joined in this party!

That said, I won't be able to watch this season as it airs. Mr. Ham likes NBC's lineup during the time slot of Grey's. But, Netflix has been good to me, and I'll just keep going that route. Plus, then there's very little waiting between episodes. Gotta love that! ;-)


Chris said...

Hey, girl!! Enjoy your time alone. I know that it's got to be stressful, but here's the thing - God gave you this beautiful weekend to have some much needed relaxation time. Don't let satan ruin it by making you worry about things that aren't going to happen. (((hugs))) God's totally watching over your family! He'll make sure they come home safe. <3 I can relate to how you feel though....while I've never been away from them for that long, when hubby takes them out for a few hours I'm grateful for the quiet time and yet I can't wait for them to come home because I miss them so much. LOL

Awesome about starting Grey's! I just started watching True Blood - it's a great show!

ham1299 said...

Thanks, Chris. You're so right! I see them tomorrow! :-D

Chris said...


You know what?? I just noticed that you posted my button on your blog. Sorry it took so long for me to realize this. *blushes* Thank you SO much!! That's very sweet of you!

Chris said...

Oh, BTW...any more thought on that button for Tuesday Tunes? If so, msg me on FB please - it's easier for me to keep up there than trying to remember which post on here has all of our conversation! LOL ;-)

ham1299 said...

LOL You're too funny! Of course your button is on here!

ham1299 said...


Tuesday Tunes #7 said...

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