Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Dozen 8/11

1. When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Gosh. Somewhat recently. I think laughing at/with the kids.

2. If you found $10 today, what would you do with it? Pocket it and save it until I need some cash.

3. Do you volunteer anywhere? No. I should.

4. What is your favorite summertime veggie or fruit, and how do you eat it? Fresh sweetcorn. YUM! We boil it, then smother it in butter, salt, and a tiny bit of pepper! YUM! I LOVE living in the Midwest!

5. Is your social sphere (circle of friends) small, medium or large? Depends on how you define my "sphere of friends" – all friends, or just people I know IRL? All friends (including those I only know through online interactions), I would actually say it's medium-to-large. Just IRL people, miniscule.

6. When was the last time you attended a family or school reunion? How did that go? Our 10-year school reunion was 5 years ago. I was VERY pregnant with my son, and my husband (who was in my same graduating class at the same school) was gone for a 30-day civilian deployment to New Orleans. (It was his first time helping out with post-Katrina stuff.) It was neat to see people, but I kinda felt like an odd-woman-out.

7. When you're feeling blue, what is the best way someone can cheer you up? Hugs, making me laugh, and relieving me from kid duty for a few hours.

8. Have you taken a vacation this summer? No. I wish we had, but it didn't work out. Maybe next year.

9. What is the most unnecessary item you carry with you all the time? A book. About 90% of the time I have a book in my purse. It goes everywhere with me, because I just never know when I'll wish I had it. It's great for waiting on the doctor at appointments, stuck in a traffic jam (I'm talking stand-still for 30 minutes, which I've experienced), waiting for the bell to ring when picking up the kids after school, etc.

10. What is the best summer flick you have seen so far? Eclipse.

11. Describe a perfect summer day. Hmm ... I could go one of two ways with this. Day 1: AWESOME, powerful thunderstorms. It's not too hot, so I can sit comfortably on the front porch and enjoy the smell of the rain, the feel of the wind, and the sound of the thunder. It's also not too cool, so the rain doesn't make me chilled. It's also not too windy, so I can read a book while enjoying the storm. Day 2: About 75-80ºF, no humidity, a perfect light breeze.

12. Please a share a favorite photo from the summer so far! Umm....all of the pics are on my hubby's laptop, which is going to St. Louis with him today. So, I can't get those right now. Sorry!


katie said...

Hello! Fun reading your random dozen! Love the family tickers on the side. Cute!

Lea said...

Enjoyed stopping by today. I remember feeling so refreshed whenever I had a day without kids (that's been many years ago now). I think it makes for a better Mom to have a break once in a while. Blessings to you!

Cathy said...

Enjoyed your answers. I like having a book with me too, but now that I have my iPod Touch, I've downloaded the Kindle program and have multiple books in my purse Much easier than carrying books. Have a great weekend.

ham1299 said...

I have that Kindle app. Haven't used it yet, partially because I'm not entirely sure how it works. Of course, that would be because I haven't even opened it yet! LOL I think I'll have to give it a look soon!

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