Monday, August 30, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday: Back to the Basics

Friend Makin' Monday is back! YAY! I've missed this one. It's always been a lot of fun. This week it is hosted at All the Weigh. To participate, just copy and paste, then insert your own answers. Don't forget to add yourself to the linky in this week's post!

I many things. The first thing that comes to mind won't shock any of you: reading. ;-)

I don't like...Mondays, even when Makin' Friends. Getting back into the routine can be brutal. If only I had the discipline to maintain the schedule even on the weekends ...

I family, God and Jesus, music, reading, etc.

I dream of...Genie ... hee hee! ;-) I dunno. Of my children coming to Christ, that's for sure.

I wonder...when (or should I say if?) I will ever feel rested again!

I know...that God placed me on this earth for a reason. I just wish I knew what that reason was ...

I Europe when I was 10 weeks pregnant with my son. Early in pregnancy is not the time to travel to new places. I was miserable, unable to enjoy the food (Germany and France), and too tired to do much!

I have...a wonderful husband. God has really blessed me.

I think...that I need to get off my arse and get myself – and the kids – out of PJs and into our clothes for the day. :oops:

I plan...on the number of books I read for review so I can enjoy books I wanna read just because.

I regret...too much. I need to learn to let go of the past, to forgive myself for mistakes I've made. Regret doesn't get me anywhere but depressed.

I do...not know if I should blog about life issues here or on an anonymous blog. I want to work through some things, and I want to be able to talk about whomever/whatever I choose without worrying about repercussions. I suppose that means it should be anonymous – or not at all ...

I drink...too much Dr Pepper. If I stopped drinking it, I'd lose a lot of this weight ... but, I don't drink coffee, and often need the caffeine.

I wish...I was a better person.

I am...struggling.

I am not...happy with myself lately. I'm still fat. I'm almost constantly tired. I'm just sick of this.

I go outside and cover the sandbox before it starts raining.

I graduated...from college a few months after getting married. Mr. Ham and I spent the first few months of our marriage apart. (He was working in Chicago, and I was in school 3 hours away.)

I bring all of my children to Christ. Abby has accepted Christ into her heart, so I have one down and two left to go.

I want...a bigger house. I want a playroom, so the toys aren't all over the place. I want a second bathroom and a master suite.

I sometimes...wonder if I'm bipolar like my grandmother was.

I God and know that He will guide and protect me.

I quite fast. I've already read over 60 books this year.

I work...around the house, as a SAHM.

I cannot...control everything I wish I could. I need to accept this, and learn to give it to God.

I avoid...conflict like the plague. It's pathetic, really.

I will...not give up. I will give things to God and allow Him to work.
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