Monday, April 6, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

This week's mission on All That is Good is to post 10 things that really get you fuzzed up - as in mad. So, here I go! (I used to be an editor, and I have a degree in English, so a few of these are related to that.)
  1. Not using its and it's correctly. Possessive is its. If you wanna say it is, you need that apostrophe! It's that simple, folks!
  2. Improper use of there, their, and they're. The first, there, is the place, as in "Go over there." The second, their, is possessive, as in "That is their new car." The easiest one to remember is the third. They + are = They're
  3. People not using turn signals when driving.
  4. Overuse of shorthand (or whatever it's called) when typing somewhere. I will admit, I use it sometimes - DH for my husband, GMTA for great minds think alike, etc. But, I do not do the numbers-and-words combos.I h8 when I have 2 stop and dcy4 what someone's saying - especially when it's directed at me. If you're writing to me on Facebook or whatever, please be so kind as to spell everything out.
  5. My wonderful husband seems to fear the consequences of putting his dirty clothes inside the hamper, rather than on top of it.
  6. Along the same lines, after showering, my wonderful husband tends to leave his wet towel in our bedroom - haphazardly tossed on top of my clothes or my side of the bed.
  7. Misuse of the apostrophe ('). Do NOT use it to denote plurals. Apostrophes are used for POSSESSIVES or contractions (i.e. turning cannot into can't).
  8. Speaking of cannot - it's one word.
  9. When people show blatant favoritism for one branch of the family tree.
  10. People who abuse the system - any system, but especially any sort of help. Like, yes, Welfare. While there are a good many of people out there who need it and who are honestly trying to better themselves, there are way too many freeloaders. You are entitled to the pursuit of happiness - that means you can do what you need to make yourself happy. Stop expecting others to do that for you. And off the soapbox I go ...
And there you go. Lists like these are hard for me - take forever to write. But, I'm always happy to have done it. Let me know if you participate in this, too, so I can come read your list!


Jen @ said...

Hi there! I'm coming over from FMM! I loved your list. People that abuse the system make me crazy too!

It's nice to meet you!


Tanielle said...

Hey there! Love your blog design! Great list! Fun way to start a Monday!

Have a great Tuesday!


Divine Mrs D said...

I fully agree with your number 9 (that's how my husband's family is...and he isn't his mom or his dad's favorite...which is okay because he's MY favorite). I also positively love all of your grammatical peeves. I was an English major in college. :-D

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