Monday, April 13, 2009

Would this freak YOU out?

Let's just say that since we returned home yesterday, there has been a short series of odd events on the premises.

While pulling into my garage last night, I noticed that our trash can and recycling bin have moved. No, not moved, rather pivoted - turned roughly 45 degrees clockwise so that they are angled kinda diagonal to the garage. Odd. I put them back, as that's not how we keep them. I figured it was a freak odd occurrence. Either maybe they got blown around while we were gone and someone put them back. Or maybe some freak wind gust(s) caused it. I dunno.

Apparently I was wrong. The kids and I get home after a Target run about an hour and a half ago, and the cans have been turned again. I'm thinking that it's definitely not a fluke. And I should probably note that no one else's cans have been turned. Who the heck would be doing this? Should I be worried? If my husband was here, I wouldn't be worried - just annoyed. But, he's not - and won't be until early May. I guess that puts me on high alert. Anyway, is the old man from across the alley a suspect? Again, it's only our cans. No one else's. What gives? I'll be honest and say I'm slightly creeped out by this.

Tomorrow is garbage day. Tonight I put out the can for pick-up (no recycling this week). I decided to leave the pivoted cans because of that, but when I put it back tomorrow afternoon, I'll put it back the way we usually keep them. What if it happens again?
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