Saturday, April 11, 2009

One week down ...

... three left to go. And I'm EXHAUSTED! But, I think - I hope - the hardest week is coming to an end. Spring break. Thanks to the hospitality of my parents, we were able to really have a nice week. We came to see them Wednesday afternoon, and will leave tomorrow after lunch. The time here has been great - time to hang out, stay out of each others' hair, time to be with family. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with their cousins every day, and I have enjoyed getting to see my sister and my parents. (The only thing missing is my other sister, who lives on the East Coast.) Today we dyed Easter eggs with the kids. This was the first time any of my kids got to do it. Abby and Grant both really loved it. We had some leftover color tablets, which I will bring home and use in a couple of weeks. An easy thing to do to have more fun with the kiddos. Tomorrow we have our Easter celebration with family, including an egg hunt, then we head home after lunch. I have mixed feelings about that. It'll be so nice to be in my own home - not to be living out of a suitcase anymore. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, and get the kids back into their usual routine. But, I'm going to miss my family - and being home again. I also don't necessarily look forward to having to deal with the dog again. *sigh*

I do have to say that I think I'm much more homesick than I'd thought. In the past there have been things about coming home that I haven't liked - mainly the congestion. Too many people everywhere - too many cars on the roads. But, none of that bothered me this week. None of it. I just kept thinking how good it is to be home! And it really is. It breaks my heart to know that the chances of coming back permanently are slim to none. I truly think I'd be happier here. I'd be able to get back with most of my friends. Go to places I miss. And, best of all, see my family more often than a few times per year. *sigh* I just need to think about what it is that we have going well for us there that we likely wouldn't have here.

Things to like about where we live:
  • I get to be a SAHM.
  • We own a house. I don't think we'd be able to do that here - especially not without me working.
  • We have EXCELLENT caregivers for our children and ourselves. Our pediatrician, for one, is someone I'd hate to have to try to replace. And, God forbid, if he ever chose to move on, we at least have a wonderful practice from which to choose a replacement. But, I banish such thoughts, as I really don't wanna see that happen. My doctors, our dentists, eye doctor. Everyone. They are all quality professionals who have good bedside manner, too. That bedside manner is what I'd miss. I know there are quality professionals here, too, but I never had such awesome bedside manner here.
  • Lighter traffic.
  • Many things that can't be found easily here usually aren't so hard to get where we live.
  • The river.
  • Cost of living is significantly lower.
  • Our kids were born where we live.
  • Car insurance is considerably cheaper - as is homeowner's insurance, I'm sure.
  • We can live a slower, more relaxed lifestyle - and there's definitely something to be said for that.
Well, I'm feeling a ton better! :-) What a great idea that was! ;-)

As I mentioned before, my wonderful husband gets home three weeks from today. Believe me, I am counting down. I started counting down before he left! LOL I'm hoping that once we get back into our usual routine, I'll not be so tired and we'll be able to make it without much stress. And I'm rambling. Sorry. I'm exhausted beyond belief.


Lisa said...

Hope the next 3 weeks fly by! Hang tough Momma!

ham1299 said...

Thanks. Me, too!

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