Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be the Adult

Don't tell her I said this, but my mom gives good advice. She always has. When I was a teenager, I'd pretend to ignore it, process it, then follow it. Even into my 20s, I wasn't a fan of unsolicited advice, but I'd at least think about what she told me. From words of wisdom that led to my breaking up with my first serious boyfriend in high school to tips when buying a house, my mom's advice has often proven valuable. Again, don't tell her I said that! ;-)

One of the pieces of advice I've heard more recently is: Be the adult. Be the adult.

Where'd this come from? Well, we sometimes have issues with some of our children's friends, and I have vented to my mother about this. Things that drive me batty, and I gotta let out so I don't blow. I know these kids are young enough that it's more a matter of not knowing better than anything, but it's still frustrating and (in the right situations) infuriating. My mom will patiently listen, even agree with some of my concerns, but always remind me to "be the adult."

Do you know how often I have to remind myself of that?

Really, this is excellent advice. And not just when it comes to my kids' friends. In life in general this can prove useful. From an argument with my husband that gets out of hand to a disagreement with a friend. If I remember to "be the adult" maybe things would be resolved more quickly. Or at least with less fallout.

Heck! This might even come in handy with my kids. You know, when they're under my skin and WON'T get OUT! Maybe if I remember to "be the adult" I can find a way to alleviate the issues and help the kids (and myself) to move on.

Be the adult.

Great advice.

Thanks, Mom.
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