Monday, June 7, 2010

So much for getting caught up ...

Remember, I recently stated that I wanted to get caught up on my blog on Sunday? Well, I was doing pretty well when suddenly I couldn't access Blogger other than to read things. I couldn't post anything, I couldn't edit anything, I couldn't even leave comments on others' blogs! RIDICULOUS. We're talking roughly 18 hours down. I know it's a free service, but I expect more from GOOGLE, of all companies!

So, I am going to be moving this blog to its own domain, too. I just haven't decided what that domain should be. I had started a temporary blog on, but if I'm going to switch platforms, then I'm going to go all the way – like I did with Proud Book Nerd. So, stay tuned, please. I will hopefully get this set up in the next couple of days. While focusing on that, I will most likely be silent here – and on PBN. I will make it known when it's ready!



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