Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #5

I can't remember the last time I did this one. Bad me. I really want to do this more often. It's always, ALWAYS good to look back and see what I'm thankful for over the course of the week.

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  1. Girl Scout Camp ~ Yes, I know. I'm a horrible mother, but I needed a break from the oldest. She's the sweetest, most loving child. But she's also a handful. And she gets bored easily. Girl Scout Camp (day camp) was a perfect activity for us. She's still home in the mornings and at night, but during the day she's having a blast with her friends. And, she's in the same group as her BFF. Yesterday she told me she's sad that today is the last day of camp. Me, too, kid. Me, too.
  2. FROGs ~ Say what? That's my forum for Christian women (, and these ladies are the best, most supportive group of women I've ever had in my life. Even though I've been less-than involved there lately, they're still here for me when I need them. Thank you, ladies! I love you all!
  3. A very understanding husband ~ A few weeks ago we purchased a new mattress. We chose poorly. After about a week and a half of hemming and hawing, I finally said enough was enough. It isn't as soft as I like my bed. It's too bouncy (we had a Simmons Beautyrest before, and we are SPOILED as a result). I'm waking up with a sore back EVERY day. Not good. Not good at all. So, my wonderful husband, who said he was fine on that mattress, agreed to get a new new mattress. (There's a 30-day guarantee, thankfully.) So, I went (without Natalie) and chose my top three. (And wouldn't you know it, I went back to Simmons! Which, interestingly, wasn't available the first time we shopped, so I think it's good we chose poorly first.) Mr. Ham and I went back (with the kiddos in tow) and he agreed on my absolute favorite! :-D My wonderful, sweet husband didn't let the fact that it costs TWICE our original selection stop him. (Shockingly, I have to add!) He and I agree: We got 11 years out of Mattress #1, and expect to likely get about the same out of Mattress #2. Now, the hard part. Waiting. Seven to 14 days for the mattress to arrive in the store. Then we schedule delivery. I still have a sore/stiff back every day (stupid wrong mattress), but at least I know it's almost over!
  4. Thirty-day guarantees ~ See #3 for why! ;-)
  5. Kids' programming back on Netflix ~ I recently posted an e-mail I had sent to Mr. Ham. (If you haven't read it yet, it can be found HERE.) Well, I checked a few days ago to find that Blues Clues and Dora were BACK! WOOT! AND, even better, Diego is available streaming, too! Extra bonus: Instead of just two seasons, all three shows have THREE seasons! Woohoo!

Now it's your turn. What are your five favorite things from this week?
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