Friday, May 13, 2011

More on Stupid Blogger

This crash (I guess that word'll work) from Blogger was a bit of a royal pain in the ass. I'm sure I'm speaking for most – if not all – Blogger users when I say that.

Oddly, it didn't bother me all that much. You see, my main blog – Proud Book Nerd – was untouched. (By main, I mean the blog I post on several times throughout the week, sometimes even several times in a single day ...) 

Ironically, it was little over a year ago that I moved both blogs to their own sites, switching to Wordpress in the process. Obviously, I have since moved this one back to Blogger (different story I'll touch on in a bit). There are things I love about Blogger – aside from the fact that using it is free. There are things I like about composing messages on Blogger that I think work better than the WP platform. But, I stick with WP for my book blog because it's working. I have 100 percent control over it (well, unless you count that fact that I have a hosting company, but they're awesome), and have had little to no downtime.

Part of my reason for bringing this blog back to Blogger was related to the fact various aspects of composing posts is a lot easier. For one, it's easier to change text size WITHIN a paragraph. WP, not so much. (I still haven't figured out how to do it easily, and that's something I like to do.)

The other part of my reason for bringing this blog back to Blogger was the financial aspect. Simply: It costs money to use a self-hosted Wordpress blog. You gotta pay for hosting and the domain registration ...

I was not using this blog enough to justify those costs. My book blog, however, was generating enough in affiliate sales that it paid for itself. (No extra, unfortunately, though. And the Amazon program has since been canceled for those living in Illinois, so I no longer benefit from that ...)

Anyway, when this whole thing went down, I thought, "Thank God I moved my main blog off Blogger." I was calm, cool, and collected. I didn't once regret that this blog was still on Blogger, though.

Then Blogger came back. And, I had a missing post for most of the day. And, as of my writing this, over half of the entries in my giveaway post here are GONE.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid Blogger.

It's almost enough to make me want to say, "Screw it!" And go back to my domain name (which is mine for a few more weeks), reinstall WP, and go for it.


For now, the convenience, lack of cost, and simplicity of Blogger won out. Plus, I'm really digging the new design editor. (If only design was that simple in WP ...)

I know that you get what you pay for – even in the Blogging world. But, aside from the occasional (but sometimes all-too-frequent) disruptions in service, I'm actually a happy Blogger user.

And, hey! Blogger's price just can't be beat! ;-)

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