Monday, May 30, 2011

Teeth Update: Introducing Invisalign

Give then I didn't have a lot of followers until somewhat recently, I'm guessing a lot of you missed my T post for the April A to Z Challenge. Assuming that is correct, this update probably is new info for you. Take a moment to read that for the full info. Long story short: I was told in April that I'd need orthodontics. I was not pleased at the idea of braces again – 20 years after I had them the first time ...

Enter Invisalign
In my daily Google Reader browsing, I came across a SITS Girls post about Invisalign. I swear, it was a completely accidental find. If I was walking, I would have stumbled upon it ...

Anyway, I was intrigued, to put it mildly. I was hoping to avoid braces again, and thought this just might be it. I was cautiously optimistic. For one, I was a bit skeptical. Also, I was sure that it wouldn't be available in my area. (We don't always have the best, newest things available to us where we live.) Well, after perusing the site – I probably spent at least an hour there – I decided it just might be for me. So I took the self assessment, which came back telling me I just might be a candidate. (They don't give you a definitive answer, telling you to discuss with an orthodontist, which helped my confidence level quite a bit.) And, thankfully, there are some orthodontists nearby who offer Invisalign.

I have since visited my orthodontist and decided to take the plunge. I have had my initial consultation, and taken the first steps in getting started. I am EXCITED! I cannot wait to get my aligners. In my excitement, I want to share the information with you.

What is Invisalign?
Invisalign (also known as “clear or invisible braces”) are nearly invisible, removable appliances or “aligners” that are used to straighten teeth—alone for comprehensive orthodontic treatment or as a key component of restorative or cosmetic dental work. Invisalign has specific products that are customized for treating both adults and teens.

Why Invisalign?
  • Invisalign can effectively treat many of the same conditions that used to only require metal braces.
  • Invisalign works the same way metal braces do, which is moving teeth by applying pressure over time.
  • The arrival of Invisalign G3 makes it easier for orthodontists/dentists to treat people with complex cases so they can enjoy the benefits of straightening their teeth without the discomfort and embarrassment often associated with metal (or fixed) braces. Such complex cases include: severe misalignment, overbite, underbite, and crossbites.
  • In addition to the aesthetic, emotional and convenience benefits of Invisalign, the functional benefits are hard to argue: easy to maintain good oral hygiene, they are comfortable, affordable and safe for active lifestyles.
Everyone in my orthodontist's office sings the praises of Invisalign, instilling even more confidence in my decision! I even got to speak with one of the receptionists, who is currently undergoing treatment.

I fully plan to post updates as I go through the treatment. Mainly because my teeth are important to me, but also because if I like this as much as I'm thinking I will, I'll want to share it with anyone who'll listen!

This product isn't just for adults. If you have children and suspect they'll need orthodontics at some point – or already KNOW they need it – make sure to explore all of your options.

Invisalign Teen
Teens now have a modern choice for straightening their teeth. No more wires and brackets required – Invisalign Teen, a series of removable and virtually invisible aligners that gradually move teeth over time to help your teen achieve a great smile and proper bite, is the clear alternative to metal braces. It was developed with leading orthodontists who understand the unique treatment and compliance needs of teens as well as their active lifestyles. Invisalign Teen treatment is ideal for busy parents because there are never any emergency appointments caused by broken wires or brackets. And you spend less time at the orthodontist’s office, with fewer appointments and less chair time for uncomfortable tightenings.

Why Invisalign Teen?
  • It gives teens a great smile—Invisalign Teen helps your teen feel confident in their smile and themselves.
  • It fits teens’ busy lives—the aligners are comfortable and durable, so it’s easy for teens to continue their favorite activities, such as playing sports and musical instruments that can be challenging or uncomfortable with traditional metal braces.
  • It’s clear—no metal braces so treatment is inconspicuous, making it easier for teens to “fit in” rather than call attention to their treatment.
  • It’s removable—teens take the aligners out to brush and floss so they can maintain normal, healthy hygiene during treatment, and they can eat what they want.
  • It’s more comfortable than traditional braces—Invisalign Teen aligners are made of lightweight plastic that is custom-fitted to each patient’s teeth. Unlike braces, there are no wires or uncomfortable metal brackets poking or tearing their mouths or gums
Honestly, I have some trepidation about possibly getting this for my kids when they're old enough. I mean, we're talking about teenagers. Not always reliable, and prone to losing things. But the people at Invisalign Teen have thought this through.
  • There is a Blue Dot Wear Indicator on each aligner that provides an approximate gauge of whether the teen has been wearing the aligners consistently, and for the recommended amount of time. The indicators will fade as the time to move to the next set of aligners gets closer.
  • And there's no need to worry if something happens to one of the aligners—accidentally thrown out, broken, or lost. Your Invisalign Teen Provider will give you up to six free replacement aligners.
That takes some of my concern away. Still, we're at least a few years away from needing anything for our kids quite yet – at least I think we are. We have time to make a decision. But, I have a feeling my own experience with my Invisalign aligners will weigh heavily into the decision. Plus, with ways to know if they're being worn as they should, and easy/free replacements, that sweetens the deal! Sounds great to me!

This post was brought to you by Invisalign.
Opinions expressed in this post are my honest thoughts regarding this product.



Loren said...

I had braces at the age of 40...yep you read that right! 4-0!!! and NO, they weren't Invisalign! :( But it was all good :)I hadn't ever had braces before and it all worked out marvelously! I was thankful for the correction and I lost a bit of weight back then....hmmm. Maybe I should try it again....NOT :)

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