Monday, July 12, 2010

Tuesday Tunes #4

For the newbies, here’s the scoop: Tuesday Tunes is a hopefully weekly meme hosted here at Rambings & More. What’s the point? Sharing music. I LOVE music. LOVE it. In fact, I would say it’s very reasonable to say that music is my passion. It’s one of few, very few, things that I couldn’t imagine living without. As such, I’m always looking for new music, and I’m more than happy to share my favorite music! Well, not just my favorites. I also share whatever’s in my head at the moment, and sometimes that’s determined by what my KIDS are into at the moment. Anyway, please share your music with me!  For now, just leave me a comment with your link. (And please link back to me.) When we get some more participation, I’ll make a button and get us a Linky to make sharing easier! Note: Sometimes (likely more often than not) I will share Christian music. That does NOT mean only Christian music is welcome. I wanna know what YOU’RE listening to, whatever genre it is!

So, this week, I'm gonna take the easy way out. I'm sorry. I'm participating in a read-a-thon for my book blog, and got lucky – one of the mini-challenges asked for us to associate music with books. I apologize for this, because I generally hate when I do this! :oops: Anyway, to find the music I'd like to share this week (and if you've read The Time Traveler's Wife, then I'd love to hear your thoughts on my choices), check out my post at Proud Book Nerd, HERE. (Scroll down to where it says "Second challenge.")

Oh, and a side note: I'm hoping to get a button for this soon ... (anyone wanna volunteer to make one?)
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