Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book Review: The Emerald Storm

The Emerald Storm  (The Riyria Revelations, #4) The Emerald Storm by Michael J.  Sullivan

Summary: Ex-mercenary Hadrian Blackwater sets course on a high seas adventure to find the lost Heir of Novron. His only hope lies in confronting the ruthless and cunning Merrick Marius. Fearing his friend is not up to the challenge, Royce Melborn joins his old partner for one last mission. Their journey finds them adrift amid treachery and betrayals forcing Hadrian to face a past he hoped never to see again.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My review: This is another excellent installment in The Riyria Revelations series! There is lots of fast-paced action that makes the book hard to put down. I found I liked it even better the second time reading through it, but I don't think it's as good as its predecessors. I'm not sure why - I can't put a finger on what it is. But, it is still VERY good.

I must say that there are things from Royce and Hadrian's past - former jobs they had - that are discussed a lot. I'd LOVE to see Michael give us the WHOLE story in these - perhaps sometime after the current series is done!

Speaking of the current series, this is the first one I find myself wondering if someone who read this first could follow it very well. There is a lot of referencing to previous episodes in this series, and without having read them it might frustrate readers. One example is when Hadrian calls Royce "Esrahaddon" because of something somewhat cryptic he says. But, the first two books in the series are really where we get to know Esrahaddon, and I think that little tidbit (which, I must admit, I LOVED - it cracked me up) could confuse someone who hasn't read them.

But, all of that said, I still enjoyed this book very much! Sullivan is an EXCELLENT author who expertly brings his stories - and characters - to life! I can't wait to see what's coming next!

Source: I had the privilege of editing this book, so I got my hands on it for free. But, that in NO way influences my review, and I did not receive any compensation for this post.

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