Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Madness

Today has truly been one of those crazy days. I finally have some peace - Natalie's napping - and hope it stays somewhat peaceful. The morning just wore me out!

After dropping Grant off at school, Abby and I headed to my physical therapy appointment. It went pretty well. After a lengthy assessment, she gave me some exercises to try. I go back on Thursday. The appointment lasted quite long, and we barely got out on time to make it to Abby's appointment! We immediately headed to the dentist. Abby did very well with her tooth extraction. She didn't like the Novocaine shot - which I cannot blame her for! I HATE those! She did quite well, though - and seems to be just fine now. Upon inspecting the tooth (which he let her bring home for the Tooth Fairy), we can see a groove in the root of the tooth, where the permanent tooth was stuck! That tooth definitely needed to get out! Now we're just praying for quick healing!

While the morning felt crazy, the afternoon really wasn't too bad. We spent some time at the library, where I was able to sign Natalie up for some toddler story time in April. :-) Kids are in bed. I have a headache. :-( I might be going to bed early, too.

Tomorrow: I MUST pay bills. Should've done that today.

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