Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week in Review ~ Looking Ahead

It's that time again! And I am making sure not to post any embarrassing notes to myself this time! ;-) That said, I normally write a little bit of this post every day. That way I'm not stuck trying to remember what usually is a whirlwind week. This week, I didn't. Kept forgetting. So, we'll see how this goes!


So, I am happy to say this week was a lot better than the last. At the very least, we had no health crises of any sort!
  • Sunday: We FINALLY reached the end of Natalie's health scare. Completely unrelated, Abby and I finally got to try some new nail polish. AWESOME  (non-stinky, non-toxic, environmentally friendly) stuff! Read my review HERE.
  • Monday: A busy day. Girl scouts, errands to run, physical therapy. Not much blogwise!
  • Tuesday: Posted another Tune-In Tuesday. I had a bit of a mental block, though, and only posted one song – perhaps it was part of this funk I recently posted about? The good news is some people do seem to be interested in this. I hope it takes off. I love music so much. I really think this could be a LOT of fun!
  • Wednesday: Joined in on Whatcha Reading Wednesday. It's a fun way to share whatever you're currently reading! I also posted my latest blog tour review and GIVEAWAY for Here Burns My Candle – AWESOME book!
  • Thursday: We had our FIRST SPRING RAIN! Makes me SO HAPPY! I got started on editing The Emerald Storm.
  • Friday: Five Question Friday time. I really have fun with that one! Personally, more physical therapy. Starting next week, it's once per week – and probably only for a couple of weeks.
  • Saturday: Quiet day. I spent most of it alternating between getting laundry done and editing The Emerald Storm. I hope to finish it tomorrow so I can get it in the mail on Monday.


As for next week, it's almost time for spring break. I cannot wait! At some point I'll post for my latest blog tour. I'll be reading and reviewing An Absence So Great by Jane Kirkpatrick. I also have a copy to GIVE AWAY, so stay tuned!
  • Sunday: I hope to remember to post Getting to Know You. That was fun last week! Here, Grant has a birthday party to attend, so I'll take him to that. I'm also hoping to finish the editing. And I have to make sure not to forget to pick up a friend at the train station tonight!
  • Monday: The day for makin' new friends. Off blog, no plans. This just in: soccer practice begins again! Yikes. I'm not ready!
  • Tuesday: Tune-In Tuesday, of course! My mom's coming out for a visit, so perhaps I'll be quieter than usual? We'll see.
  • Wednesday: Hopefully more Whatcha Readin Wednesday! I LOVE that one! 
  • Thursday: No plans blogwise, but we'll be packing up to leave for Easter weekend.
  • Friday: SPRING BREAK BEGINS! I don't expect to make a Friday-themed post. Maybe if I remember to look for the Five Question Friday questions on Thursday night I can schedule it to post. We'll be traveling to see my in-laws, and it's a LONG drive. I don't expect to get much chance for blogging over the weekend.
I hope you all have a great week!

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