Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Worst. Parents. Ever.

There are few things worse than waking up to your child crying. One of those things is when you realize it's your fault...

My poor sweet Abigail had a VERY disappointing morning. The Tooth Fairy forgot to come! Ordinarily, this would be disappointing for any child, but this was especially bad. This was the tooth she had extracted yesterday. The one we told her the Tooth Fairy would leave EXTRA for because the dentist took it out. The one that caused her much discomfort and made it hard for her to eat because she has to be careful. The one that is GIGANTIC because the root is still fully in tact. THE TOOTH!

I awoke to the sound of her crying and entering my room. Tears were flowing as she announced, "She didn't come!" Immediately, I had words run through my head that I'll not share here. Then came the thoughts I can share. HOW could we FORGET? After all the poor thing had been through, HOW did we not remember? Now what? How do we explain this one away? What does the Tooth Fairy need to do to restore my daughter's faith in her?

I feel absolutely horrible about this. Horrible! :-( I let her down. How could I?

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