Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week in Review & Looking Ahead

INTRODUCTION <<< Well, isn't that embarrassing? Today has been the day from hell, and I'm blaming it on that! I hope you all had a better week than I did!


Looking back, here are the highlights (and lowlights, I suppose) of my week.
  • Sunday: I posted my first Getting to Know You post. Personally, it was unusually calm. I finally got all caught up on balancing our checkbooks, savings account registers, etc. Note to self: NEVER put it off for several months EVER again!
  • Monday: It was a fun Friend Makin' Monday. :-) Off the blog, it was a busy day. The main thing was I had PT in the morning. Laura, my physical therapist, worked me hard - and left me sore all week!
  • Tuesday: Week 2 of Tune-In Tuesday. I had one participant. Just ONE! But, it's more than the ZERO I had the previous week! ;-) I'm trying to see the bright side here. I'm also considering trying to find a way to post just the songs, rather than the videos. More to come on that ... On a personal note, Grant had an event at his school in the evening. Ronald McDonald came and did a horrible program about anti-bullying. Grant seemed to like it, so that should be enough, right?
  • Wednesday: I announced the winner of my latest giveaway. Congrats, Denise! Personally, I took my younger kids to Monkey Joe's - which they LOVED! (Grant had the day off.) We went straight from there to pick up Abby, when I decided sitting in front of her school for half the afternoon would be fun. Translation: I drained the Odyssey's battery letting Grant and Natalie watch a DVD with the engine turned off! Fortunately, the hubby was available to help – praise God!
  • Thursday: Real life and my blog crashed when I posted a rare tidbit about life with my kids. Seems my oldest has taken up lying as her newest skill to hone. You can read all about it – and give me advice you might have - HERE. Aside from that, we had conferences, which went well – both kids are doing great in school.
  • Friday: I again chose to opt out of Friday Follow, but did a Five Question Friday post. Those are a LOT of fun, so I'll likely keep it up! :-) Personally, I ended up canceling my physical therapy appointment because Natalie was sick. Quite sick. Took her to the doctor instead of me going to PT. Otherwise, it was a nice day.
  • Saturday: No post other than this one – and this one almost didn't get done. Natalie is really sick. In order to keep this post from getting too long, I'll post about it separately. I did finish the book I'm editing - the first read of it.


As for the coming week:
  • Sunday: No blog post planned. Given how things were today, I don't plan much of anything. I do have to speed-read through a book for a blog tour – to be posted by Friday. Personally, we take Natalie back to the doctor in the morning. Our pediatrician has the day off (the NERVE!), so we'll be seeing someone else. But, he's the head of the practice, and I know he's good, so I'm not worried. 
  • Monday: I plan to participate in Friend Makin' Monday. Off-blog, I'm supposed to have more physical therapy in the morning. Abby has Girl Scouts in the afternoon, and I just remembered the last bit of money for cookies is due then! (Ahh, a personal benefit for this weekly post!)
  • Tuesday: Time for more Tune-In Tuesday! :-) Personally, the calendar is blank, so that makes me happy, but I'm sure it'll change.
  • Wednesday: I plan to participate in Whatcha Reading Wednesday! I am REALLY excited about this one! (Yes, I truly AM a book nerd! LMAO) No plans off-blog.
  • Thursday: No plans - on blog or off. Although, I'm hoping to reschedule Friday's PT appointment for Thursday so I can have a sitter.
  • Friday: Five Question Friday, of course! I also will have posted about this week's blog tour book - PLUS a GIVEAWAY! :-) Hopefully, though, it'll be up earlier in the week! Otherwise, just physical therapy, but you know that I'm hoping it's NOT happening on Friday!
  • Saturday: Just the week review/preview post, blogwise. No plans otherwise - YET. Lord knows that'll change! ;-)
I'm kinda - no REALLY - hoping for a low-key week! Natalie being so sick has been ROUGH! Please, Lord, give us some REST!

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