Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Fave 5

LOVE this idea! Share your five favorite things from the past week! This is hosted on Living to Tell the Story. If you'd like to join in, the rules of play can be found HERE. This week's post, with the MckLinky attached, is HERE.

1. Lilacs ~ The other morning, I could smell them as I walked from the house to the garage, and back. They were just starting to bloom. And now, they're HERE! They are my absolute FAVORITE flowers because they are so fragrant, beautiful, and FRAGRANT! :-)

2. Back to school ~ Last week was spring break. And it was nice. The kids and I enjoyed our time together. But, well, by week's end, I was READY for school! (How am I gonna get through SUMMER?)

3. Reading ~ I finished TWO good books this week, and have started another AWESOME book! Wanna know details? Follow me at Proud Book Nerd! :-)

4. Chinese food ~ Dh and I had Chinese food for dinner last night. It's a RARE treat, and one of my FAVORITE ethnic foods! :-)

5. Organizing my pantry ~ Oh, yes, I did! This time I decided that our pantry was a disaster and HAD to be fixed. One, it was frustrating. Two, it was embarrassing. Three, I could tell it was a big source of stress for my hubby. So, well, I cleaned it out, top to bottom, and reorganized it! I'm 99% finished – finished enough to be feeling like I got a LOT accomplished!

And that's it this week! What a great meme! I like looking back and counting my blessings! I'll be back next week for sure! :-)

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