Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #2

LOVE this idea! Share your five favorite things from the past week! This is hosted on Living to Tell the Story. If you'd like to join in, the rules of play can be found HERE. This week's post, with the MckLinky attached, is HERE.

1. Spring rain ~ I love the smell of spring rain. I got to smell it this morning. Heaven on Earth! :-)

2. Soccer ~ I never expected to say this, but I'm enjoying Abby playing soccer. She seems to really like it, and she seems to be pretty good at it! I really enjoy watching her play and practice and get all excited about it.

3. Good news ~ I had an annual IEP meeting for Grant yesterday. (I meant to post about it, but kinda forgot.) He is doing well. It was so much better than the one we had a year ago! (PRAISE GOD!)

4. Umbrellas ~ This goes with my first one, but deserved its own mention. Abby has been using an umbrella for quite some time now. Today was the first time the other two got to use one. Grant has a blue one he uses, and Natalie used a Disney Princesses one. As they're walking in the rain, holding their umbrellas over their heads, I hear constant giggles. From both of them. :-) It's quite possibly my favorite thing from this week!

5. Good friends ~ Not casual friends – which I guess would be more like acquaintances. I mean GOOD friends. Friends who know me. Friends who know that when I post something that, while not necessarily in good taste, makes me laugh, I'm not being malicious. I'm just sharing something I thought was funny. Friends who TRULY know me. Friends who know how I work and usually know my motivations behind such things without me having to tell them. Friends I know I can count on – not just when I really need them, but when I'm just trying to have fun or live my life and someone else has a problem with it.

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