Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Proud Book Nerd

Most - if not all - of you know by now that I have decided to break my book blog off this one in order to de-clutter this blog. This time last week, I was happily making myself at home over at Proud Book Nerd, and it was going well. Until I tried to put my linkbar up at the top. It wasn't working properly. E-mails with the designer of that style (which I LOVE) made it clear that the problem was that the blog had inexplicably gone CORRUPT! :-( Apparently, that tends to happen randomly - often after a template change. So, I had to rebuild it. Long story short: I had to create a new blog, delete PBN, then change the url of the new one back to Proud Book Nerd! Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because it appears that I LOST MY FOLLOWERS in the process! :-( I know some of you kindly followed that blog when I announced it, so I was hoping I could convince you to PLEASE come back and click the button to follow again! PLEASE! I'm bummed about this, really bummed. Not only did I have those of you who kindly followed me there (in addition to here), but I had already made some new book-blogging friends who were following me. They, alas, are gone. I'm not sure if/when they'll find their way back. BUT, since each of you is still here (I think - I HOPE), I thought I could enlighten you to the situation. So ...

If you were following me over on Proud Book Nerd, PLEASE go back over there and set that up again! I apologize for the inconvenience involved, and I pray to never have to re-create a corrupt blog again!

To make this as easy as possible, here it is:


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