Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How cool is this?

So, I've been around the blog-block a lot lately, and I noticed that people do many different things with the navbar here in Blogger-land. Some have found a way to move it to the bottom of the page (or replace it with something very similar that is anchored at the bottom), some have tweaked the colors, and others even have removed it altogether. Initially, I always chose the color that either best matched my blog's color scheme, or the one that clashed least. Then they had more colors, and it became somewhat simple to pick one that worked. Then it got better - transparent navbars! That made me happy. I'll admit, though, that I kinda liked the pages without the navbar, except that it was frustrating trying to find my way back to my Blogger dashboard! But, I liked how they looked. But, again, there was the no-quick-way-back-to-the-dash issue ...

Then I saw it. A blog with a navbar that disappears, but reappears when you hover at the top of the page! BRILLIANT! I wanted it. I contacted the first person I saw with it, but she had someone else design her blog, and that was part of it. Finally, I did a Google search for "blogger navbar hover" – or something like that. And viola! I FOUND IT! And it's so simple. So easy! As easy as adding an html widget to your blog. Check it out on Shabby Creations Freebies here:

Disappearing Navbar

I did have to tweak the margin at the top of my outer wrapper in the html part to get it spaced the way I like it. That was the easy part. I actually did it on Proud Book Nerd first, then realized I wanted it HERE, too!

How cool is this? Pretty cool, if you ask me! ;-)



Helga said...

I love the disapearing navbar! I noticed it before I even read your blog, very cool!! I might have to look into that :o)

ham1299 said...

It was very easy to do. If you need help, I'd be happy to offer assistance! :-)

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