Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Sorry

I hate doing this, but there will be no Tune-In Tuesday post this week. Yesterday was NUTS (running around ALL DAY), and today was busy, too. My intention is to have it ready to go and scheduled to post in the morning so it's here all day, but that requires time for both planning and execution. That's time that has been eluding me as of late – especially when I'm trying to do things like organize my kitchen! ;-)

That said, I wanted to say something. When I started this meme here on Ramblings & More, I honestly had NEVER seen a music-related meme in the blogosphere at that time. I have since learned that someone else has been doing a Tune-In Tuesday (probably mistakenly missing that hyphen), and there's another music-related meme on Mondays. I believe it's called Music Monday. Anyway, I honestly hadn't seen either of those before, and was not stealing someone else's idea. While I'm not in the least bit surprised that others have had similar thoughts (or, in the case of Tuesday's meme identical thoughts), I honestly hadn't seen either prior to making my first post.

I do fully intend to continue this meme. While it seems it's of little interest to my readers, it's something I like, something that makes me happy. And, really, that's what this blog is about. I love that others want to read what I have to say. I sure hope I bring something of value to the blogosphere. But, my primary goal is to have a not-so-private journal. I post what I want, what I like, and what makes me happy.

So, despite its lack of originality, I will continue posting Tune-In Tuesday every week (hopefully starting back up next week). I will be creating a fun little button for it that you can grab and use, should you ever decide to participate. I will aim to share at least one song every week, with themed posts when appropriate (Mother's Day, Christmas, special days in MY family's life, etc.).

So, again, I'm sorry for no Tune-In Tuesday this week. Stick around, and it'll be back next week!

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