Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Top 5

While doing my usual blog surfing, I found a new meme over on Reviews & Reflections. She's not the host, but since I found it through her, I thought I'd mention her. Anyway, Shasta just started it TODAY! How fun is that! If you want to participate, check out her POST for the rules.

Faithfully Frugal and Free

This week's theme is FEARS. So, my top five fears (in the order they pop into my mind, not necessarily in order of importance or severity) are:

1. Snakes ~ I think it's a true phobia. ANY type of snake fills me with fear. I even made my husband buy a hose of a color that wouldn't freak me out after we bought our house! And sometimes, even earthworms freak me out! I usually can get that one out of my head, but snakes are a no-go. In fact, I can't even see pics. I close my eyes when watching Indiana Jones or anything else that has any number of snakes in it.

2. Cancer ~ This isn't something I've never verbalized before, but it's true. Everyone I know who has been touched by cancer suffered a great deal and didn't make it. I don't necessarily fear getting it, although I don't really think about it either.

3. Losing my husband ~ I know, we've been married over 11 years now and together for almost 17 years. You'd think I'd be secure in our relationship. And, generally, I am. But, no amount of strength or confidence can keep death from coming – whether soon by some freak accident/occurrence or many, many years from now.

4. Losing my teeth ~ I know, it sounds silly. But it's true. I even have nightmares about it sometimes!

5. Something happening to my kids ~ Something bad, obviously. Whether death, abuse, or other tragic occurrence. I pray God protect them ALWAYS in ALL WAYS!

How about you? Don't forget to link up on Shasta's post HERE!

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