Monday, April 4, 2011

A to Z Challenge: C

C = Cats

Our newest kitty, Jasmine. We adopted her last fall.
Cats, because I love my cats. We currently have three, and I've always had at least one cat since I was in kindergarten. My very first cat was a calico named Sissy. My parents were not quick enough to get her "fixed" ... and there were many litters. I have fond memories of many of those kittens.

I can't remember the largest number of cats I've had, but I always want at least two around. They need the company of other kitties – especially for times when the humans aren't around. Or when the humans neglect them because they're too busy with human activities.

We currently have Zeus, Huckleberry, and Jasmine. The boys are about 9 years old now, and Jasmine will be 1 in July. Abby attended a birthday party at the county animal shelter ... and we brought home a souvenir. Much to the hubby's dismay. He threatened to take her back, and I told him over my dead body. While he'd probably never admit it, I do think he's warmed up to her. She's quite the character. And the boys are old. I had forgotten how much fun (and mischief at times LOL) kittens are! :-)

We have a dog, too – unfortunately. Mr. Ham had a dog growing up, and we got the dog for his sake. This experience has confirmed that I am most definitely a cat person. I'm fine if we never get another dog after Sawyer, but I will always have at least two cats. Always.

Cats make me happy! :-)

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