Thursday, April 14, 2011

A to Z Challenge: L

L = Lilacs

I considered love, language, leaves, and other L words. But, decided on lilacs. You see, they are my absolutely favorite flower of all time. They are so beautiful and I LOVE how fragrant they are. The only thing I hate is that they don't last long. They bloom, hang around for a few days, then die and fall off. Then I have to wait another YEAR for more. But, I still love them, and maybe their brevity is partially why I love them as much as I do.

In case you hadn't noticed, lilacs are part of the design elements here on this blog. (<––– Look to the left.) And they were the inspiration for the color scheme, too.

Too bad the scent can't be integrated into a Web site ...

Speaking of the scent. Lilacs where the basis of Estee Lauder's Pleasures perfume, and it's Heaven in a bottle for me. I even wore it for my wedding. This perfume is so close to the scent of fresh lilacs that it's kinda nice to sniff occasionally when there's not a lilac in sight.

In short: Lilacs make me happy! :-)

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